Your Killer Emotions: The 7 Steps to Mastering the Toxic Emotions, Urges, and Impulses That Sabotage You


We all make self-destructive decisions when we are overcome with toxic emotions. These feelings/emotions can be hurt, anger, resentment, betrayal, rejection, despair, hopelessness, rage, etc. We also make self-sabotaging decisions when we succumb
to urges and impulses that lead us to make life choices that are counter to what we know is the right course of action for us to take in the long term.

We often intellectually know what we want to accomplish with our life choices before we are called upon to make them, but if we are overcome with toxic emotions, our decision-making processes can be dismantled. Almost all books discussing life choices deal with the intellectual component of decision-making; however, Your Killer Emotions focuses on the emotional component of making life choices. What is unique about Your Killer Emotions is that it teaches readers how to bundle their most potent emotional energy charges, so that they are time after time led to make constructive life choices, as opposed to self-destructive, sabotaging ones.

Ken Lindner, The Founder of Life-Choice Psychology™, has counseled thousands of individuals over the past thirty years to make great, life-enhancing decisions. In Your Killer Emotions, he will show you how to identify your Personal Emotional Triggers (PETs), which will enable you to nullify the energy charges from potentially sabotaging emotions. As a result, you will be able to think and reason clearly—free of destructive emotions—so that you can make life choices that reflect your most highly valued life goals.

Think of Your Killer Emotions as the emotion-mastery kit that will empower you to channel the supremely potent energy charges triggered by your potentially sabotaging emotions, impulses, and urges, and then turn them into your allies when making important life choices.

Your Killer Emotions will change the way you make your life choices in the most positive ways!

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If you read Your Killer Emotions, you will be far more effective at what you do, more successful, and most importantly – you will be happier!
Sanjay Gupta MD, multiple Emmy®-award winning Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN

Ken Lindner’s phenomenal book, Your Killer Emotions puts you in the driver’s seat of your life! It enlightens, empowers and provides an essential foundation for achieving success, health, well-being and fulfillment. It provides, in a clear and compelling way, a true, essential life compass that directs and motivates you to manage negative, self-destructive, and self-defeating behavior and to redirect your emotions in a way that harnesses a positive and strategic force. Lindner’s book opens the door to this positive emotional force and gives you the tools you need to help keep you on track and allow your greatest talents, skills, and aspirations to flourish, and for you to succeed in the areas you value most!
Don Browne, Former President of Telemundo Communications Group; Executive Vice President, NBC News; and member of the Broadcasting Hall of Fame

I love this book! It is a great tool for all of us. In our everyday lives, all of us deal with a range of complex issues and challenging emotional choices that are impactful to our journeys. In Ken Lindner’s Your Killer Emotions, he presents a compendium of vignettes leading to comprehensive and systematic prescriptions for making real-life decisions. With the meticulousness of a surgeon, Lindner creates tried and true therapeutic interventions for the emotionally confused, disabled, and compromised. This is a must-read! Armed with this new tool box of techniques and protocols, the reader can better meet the challenges that life brings.
Bert R. Mandelbaum, MD, DHL – Physician for the U.S. Olympic Soccer Team

If you are looking for a clear, common sense and effective way to improve your life, look no further! Your Killer Emotions is a phenomenally unique book that takes an in-depth look at the way we make decisions while illustrating the importance of the emotional milieu behind these decisions via a series of personal and professional stories. Reading this book will change the way you understand your emotions, and empower you to control and actually use your emotional “energy charges” to create the life you really want. Ken Lindner has provided us with a true game changer. Caution-reading this book may drastically improve your life!
Natalie Strand, MD

I thoroughly enjoyed Ken Lindner’s Your Killer Emotions. This book is an instant classic! The affective (emotional) realm is largely unexplored in self-help books. We all need to pause, respond to life, and act based upon our core values. With so many stressors in our lives, getting control of our emotions is more critical than ever before. With this in mind, Your Killer Emotions, should be required reading for everyone!
Steve Cohen, news director, KUSI-TV

No more excuses that you can’t control your life, your emotions, and your choices because of raging hormones, past experiences, or lack of willpower! Your Killer Emotions provides practical tools, techniques, and tips to live consciously, gratefully, gracefully, and with intention.”
Lois P. Frankel, PhD, author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office and Stop Sabotaging Your Career

In Your Killer Emotions, Ken Lindner provides a masterful blueprint for overcoming the emotional obstacles that block the path to achieving the personal success we all hope for but find so elusive. Your Killer Emotions offers a truly effective how-to guide to tame, and even harness, our deepest and most destructive emotions as a means to make our unique life experience be the very thing that helps us realize our dreams.
Cyndi Sarnoff-Ross, Marriage and Family Therapist

Your Killer Emotions gives you a step-by-step guide to managing your emotions during life’s challenging times. As a high school guidance counselor, I have already used The ’7 Steps of Emotion Mastery’ to help an adolescent de-escalate his toxic emotions for a powerfully positive outcome. Not only can you use ‘The Steps’ in your life, but they can be effectively applied to the lives of your children.
Joseph Havens, high school guidance counselor; BA, Harvard University; MBA, Amos Tuck, School of Business, Dartmouth College; teaching credential from the University of Irvine

Your Killer Emotions equips you with a unique process that gives you the POWER to no longer make destructive, self-sabotaging life choices, but instead make highly positive ones. I have no doubt that the advice and specific tips in Your Killer Emotions can improve your personal, social, and professional life. Take it to heart; it will change your life.
Dr. Bruce Hensel, Chief Medical, Health & Science Editor & Correspondent, KNBC, and 9 time Emmy®-award winner

I LOVE your book and the dynamic new focus you bring to improving lives. It is fabulous!
Rita Cosby, Emmy Winning TV Host & Bestselling Author

I have become an advocate of Ken Lindner’s self help books because of the profound changes they have made to my own life. My son met Ken briefly during the release of Crunch Time. A conversation between Ken and my son led to an action plan and goals as he agreed to read the book. He applied the 8 steps to achieve his Degree and ROTC training leading to lasting changes in his life. My son achieved Cadet of the Year in 2011 for the State of California and is currently in Jet Fighter Pilot School for the United States Air Force and he credits much of his success to getting on the right track from having read Crunch Time as well as his guidance from Kenny. Your Killer Emotions is in a category all by itself and I highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to get more out of his or her time on the planet.
Michael Carlin, Publisher & Editor, Century City News

Your Killer Emotions gives the reader specific tools to work through stored emotions that can unknowingly move our lives in a very negative direction, while not understanding why. This book is not just for those who have found themselves accepting a less than desirable relationship, job or life situation; it is also for those doing well, but, with a desire to do even better. Having worked in the medical field for over 25 years, I have seen the negative impact of stored emotions in the lives of my patients. This book not only helps us understand how our beliefs, perceptions and attitudes about life can impact our decision making, it provides a way to move beyond the negative impact of our old emotions. While working with a mountain rescue team, I learned that, if lost, I should find the highest peak in order to gain the best possible perspective to find my way out. Ken Lindner’s book is this peak.
Dr. Douglas Krech


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