Foundations of The 7 Steps to Emotion Mastery: Energy Charges

Today we continue to go through some of the foundational aspects of my 7 Steps system with a discussion of energy charges.

When we talk about emotions, we generally discuss them from an intellectual standpoint. We rarely look at our emotions from a physiological standpoint. That is, looking at our emotions as a catalyzing physiological force that can be strategically used or channeled to our advantage.

In my book, Your Killer Emotions, I focus on the physiological side of emotions. The focus is not on the emotion itself, but rather on the highly potent energy charges triggered by the emotion.

In order to strategically use these energy charges to your advantage, you must first understand what they are.

When you fall in love, you have a feeling of utter elation and motivation. When you experience anger or rage, you are filled with a huge rush of adrenaline. When you finally accomplish something you’ve been working hard and dreaming about achieving, you are bolstered by it and feel like you are on top of the world. You are charged up!

What you are feeling in those instances are energy charges generated by your exceedingly strong emotions.

Energy Charge: The energy that is generated by an emotion, impulse, urge, or compulsion that motivates and fuels you to make a certain life choice.

What my book will help you learn is how to control those super-strong emotion-triggered energy charges to your tremendous benefit. You can achieve the goals you have set before yourself and live the life you have dreamed of. It’s all about harnessing the power of those energy charges and practicing skills that will empower you to think clearly and consistently when faced with a life choice, even when potentially toxic emotions and urges are competing for your attention.

Mastering your potentially sabotaging emotions and their energy charges is what I call your Emotional Imperative.

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