Foundations of The 7 Steps to Emotion Mastery: Your Gold and Your Truth

As we continue laying the groundwork for understanding and implementing my 7 Steps system, today we will discuss another fundamental component, Your Gold and Your Truth.

First let’s take a look at what I refer to as Your Gold. Your Gold will encompass your most highly valued dreams and goals. It is what motivates you the very most to do your very best. Your Gold is most easily understood as the tangible things, positions, or goals that you want to attain.

Next, let’s take a look at what I refer to as Your Truth. Your Truth is your vision of both the life you want most deeply for yourself and the person you most truly want to be. Your Truth is an idealized, or best, self.

By identifying Your Gold and Your Truth, you will have identified what truly motivates, moves and excites you. You will then be able to harness and tap into the strongest energy charges available to you for a greater chance of success in making the best life choices for yourself.

So, how do you go about finding your purest Gold and Truth? You have to go on a quest to mine them.

To begin, you need to take some quiet, focused time to dig down, heart-and-soul deep, to identify the people, things, and events that will make your heart sing!  Conversely, you have to go through the same exercise to identify those things you most fear, are ashamed of, or are repulsed by. During this time, which may be significant, you can ask yourself such questions as:

  1. What do I want deeply in life?
  2. What kinds of people do I want in my life?
  3. What makes me the angriest?
  4. What would my ideal life be like?
  5. What do I fear above all else?

This suggested list of questions just barely scrapes the surface. In order to mine your purest Gold and Truth, you may need to consider many more. (A more complete list of questions can be found in Your Killer Emotions.)

Once you have taken a deep, careful look within yourself and considered your hopes, dreams, fears, and shames, you will move on to creating some lists that will be your PETS™ (your Personal Emotional Triggers™). PETS are the topic of discussion in our next installment, so stay tuned!

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